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 Home School Tips

LifeTips Home School Tip of the Day Logo LifeTips Home School Tip of the Day

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Homeschooling Information For Traveling Famlies If you are traveling and you homeschool, you should know that there is much education to be found in real-life experiences. For instance, if you are traveling through Oregon or Washington, instead of just letting your children read about unique fish in the region such as sturgeon, take them out to fish for one. If you are traveling through Tennessee, instead of telling them about the history of the Smoky Mountains or telling them what a mountain bald is, hike to one. Many states have homeschooling information, tips and guides that families can download. Check out the official websites of the states you are visiting and get your check lists of educational and fun things to do. Using these guides is certainly much easier than having to stop every few hundred miles to ask someone at a rest stop what a region has to offer.

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